Francis Dunnery Comes West!

New York to Port Alberni

June 7th, 2015


  You are invited to a unique and adventurous experience at our house! Francis Dunnery, fantastic musician, songwriter and storyteller will be performing a house concert in my home on Sunday, June 7th. Despite having toured and played with iconic figures in the music pantheon Francis puts on no airs – when he walks into the room it’s as if he’s continuing a conversation you both started long ago.

  A couple of years ago I had the good fortune to attend one of Francis’ house concerts in Victoria. After the show I wrote:

  Half the show is anecdotal... the Mid-life Crisis Tour. Francis explained how his demons came out and created his music, and how that had specific relevance for us. It was pretty intense ... parts of that evening still float up into the present. Part of the story was about letting life flow - give up and let it go. Another part of the message was about how, as raging youth, we subvert parts of our personalities - hopes, fears, dreams. Those parts come back decades later and manifest themselves as career change, divorce, wanderlust ... it's their turn on stage, and it's perfectly natural. Give up and let it go...

  Francis has been a rock star (It Bites and Robert Plant) an astrologer, a singer song-writer, sessionist, and producer, and is currently studying for his PHD in Psychology. His show will be intense, and every person walking out should be recharged! The shows are part storytelling, part music, part group therapy and part travelling revue … wonderful stuff. Read up a bit at Watch Francis: Only New York Going On, Frankenstein Monster … from many years ago, Too Much Saturn. Still not convinced, try Why house concerts? The show will be Francis' new Decalcified Show! This is a show about being stuck and getting unstuck.

  The concert starts at 7:30 PM; plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the show … don’t be late! Tickets are available on a first-come basis at $35 each and seating is limited to 35, which is our break-even point. As we don’t want to deal with money during the event we ask that you purchase your ticket in advance, either in person or by post. Francis will play solely on his acoustic so good audience behavior will allow us all to hear and see – that said you will be encouraged, nay required, to chime in at times.

  Francis has some specific requests for hosts and guests. Due to the intimate and graphic nature of the evening children under 12 should not attend. Recording and photography during the performance is not permitted. After the concert Francis will take a wee break and then return to meet the guests. The most important caveat is Francis’ strong belief that alcohol is the biggest culprit for ruining everyone’s time. Feel free to bring along your beverage of choice but save your tippling for after the show! Coffee, tea, juice and water will be available before the show.

  Otherwise, Francis will be bringing along cds and shirts for those who haven’t yet completed their Dunnery discographies. Feel free to bring along appetizers to share with your fellow guests and if you have a penchant for desserts bring one along too (Francis loves chocolate).

  This House Concert is being hosted by Peter, Vera and Johannes at their house in Port Alberni: 4487 Elizabeth St., V9Y6L4 (250 724 0843). Please let us know quickly if you plan to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event!

  Peter (

6 years and a day ago Francis last played at our house!


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