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Ibanez Axstar


Then there's the Ibanez Axstar. This one was built in Japan in 1985 and is signed by the factory assembler. Ibanez didn't make many of these; in fact they don't acknowledge that they made them at all.

I thought it looked cool, beat as it was, but when I played it I was surprised how well it played. With the thinness of the neck. It was far less stress for my short, stubby fingers. The neck is wide across too, so there's more room to maneuver. And it has a Floyd Rose tremolo; I've never had a whammy bar.

At $125, the price was right, I googled a bit and found out how to set it up. A bit of spit and polish and this one was playable.

So day I might refinish it, but not now. Besides, I have to decide what to do about the GEM style handle someone carved into the body. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy having another weird thing that few others have.

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