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Celestion Solution



The Garnet Gnome had rattles and I suspected the speaker was failing. Finding a 4 ohm 12" speaker was difficult and I had to buy a pair - which left me with a 50 year old celestion P44.

Turned out that it wasn't the speaker after all!

Fast forward a few years and I found myself with time and a stack of 80 year old fir salvaged from the basement renovation.

I used the width of a single plank to determine the dimensions of the speaker box and recycled the 3/4" baffle I once made for the Garnet (which had three 2" ports). Scrap window weatherstripping tightened the seal at the front. The grill was left over from a previous unfinished project.

It sounds fantastic - even when used with my old Vox Kenningstong bass head!


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