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That's a Lewis head - made as a prototype by Bill Lewis in the early 70's. It had a pair of huge 807 power tubes and a transistor doing ... something. It sat broken through 30yearsof moving around until I needed something louder.

I took it to Dave Brand in Nanaimo - he and someone else modded it to resemble a Bassman. It always had lots of hum and hiss, so I sort of abandoned it for a Laney as soon as I had the cash.

Here it is sitting pretty on a pair of Jensen 12's and an Emninent 15 from my high school bass playing days. Notice the nice touch of the Fender style suitcase handle!

I retubed it a couple of times and even had Dr. Ho in Vancouver look at it but it just didn't give me what I wanted.

The Laney ... well that's a whole nuther story.


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