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Roland G202 Rebuild




I bought a Roland G202 strat-style controller along with a GM-70 interface at a pawn shop in Victoria. The hex pickup was dead and I planned on simply using it as a guitar - in fact, I really only wanted the GM-70.

But ... the swell guys at MusicMaxx were able to bring me in a GK3 internal circuit board so I decided to give it a shot. The process was straight forward - the only fabrication I did was making a plate to bolt the 13 pin jack into the existing 24 pin slot. I decided to use a single auto parts 2 way momentary switch instead of using the two push switches - no extra drilling involved.

When I was done it all worked flawlessly except for the signal from the G string. I sent this email to Roland:

I installed a brand new kit form of the GK3. It went into a Roland G202 controller, so there was no routing involved - in fact, no luthier was necessary. As for the installation, I'm a hardware tech, so there was no undue flexing or handling of any of the components. The installation went flawlessly and all the components work as they should, with the exception of that one faulty hex (string 4).

It took a bit of convincing but Roland finally agreed to send me a new hex pickup. The one they sent was for a GK2 so I had to cut the plug off and re-wire everything - in fact the leads were exactly opposite to the GK3, and the older bracket didn't have the fancy radius adjuster.

Still, it works and has become my favorite guitar.

I dragged the body to a Francis Dunnery house concert and had him add the inscription on the upper horn.

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