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Roland G808 Quickchange Bridge







I bought a Roland G808 Ibanez controller from a guy who said it used to belong to Bob Rock. Great guitar - well made, with soul.

One day I was cruising Wayne Joness' GR site and saw an advert for a GR808 with a different stop-tail bridge from mine. The stock bridge has a tacky piece of melmac fake wood glued on which I thought was ugly. The quickchange bridge I saw gleemed - and had slots for "quick changing" strings. A simple query at my local guitar shop brought this bridge to my door. It was a matter of seconds to switch the bridges out. So it goes :).

But you can't stop there ... I also ordered and installed a set of auto trimming tuners. These things grab/lock the string and snip it off as you tighten.


PDF faqs.


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