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Homely Monitors


We often rely on the generosity of event organizers for a PAs. The sound folk then set us up at sound check and disappear ... once we played an entire set with our mics at full reverb because Mr. Sound Guy was off playing pool.

When we bring our own PA we run practice amps for stage monitors. I disloged a couple of old stereo woofers at a junk store so I tried to make monitors out of them. I found these plans online. The result of my tinkering is shown here.

I used only a half sheet of 3/4" plywood. The furring was ripped out of old 2 x 4's. The jack plate was a wiring box cover and the screen is made from mosquito netting. I had to buy two piezo horns from Parts Express, assorted screw and three cans of acrylic paint. The cost to me came in at about $100 for the pair of monitors.

The hardest part was figuring out how to cut 50 degree angles on a saw which only cuts 45 degrees. I know about complimentary angles and all, but my head must have been mush - 40 degrees works just fine when you turn it around.

They don't sound half bad. I drive them with an old 15 watt Vox Kensington I have kicking about and they will certainly work at the settings atwhich we normally play.

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