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Pedal Board Rebuild

Problem was that I had too many pedals - well, that's not a real problem, is it! But, they took up so much real estate that I hardly ever bothered to hook them up, let along take them to practice.

I had a good look at some DIY projects online, and some storebought versions on eBay and decided to turn some scrap 3/4" plywood into effects boards.

Right from the start my idea was to make the synth side and the normal side discreet - in the end it worked out swell. I can plug the output of the Korg Toneworks into the LS-2 and have either synth or guitar with one footstep.

The tier is 4 1/2" high at the front because I read that somewhere, and an inch higher at the back because I like round numbers. I decided not to cover it because the effects don't slide around at all. Each side is built to accomodate the main effect exactly - the ME-10 and the Roland GR.

The Roland side has a WOBO switch box to help tame the GR sweep, filter and compression, and a Korg Toneworks which is set up for slight delay and nothing else.

The ME-10 side has an acoustic modeller (hidden underneath) running through the effect loop, and a pickup booster at the front end. The T and B switches are for bypass and tuner.

It works great, and looks fine.


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